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the EFU holds a webinar about the best interest of the child in the new family law

Hoda Badran receives Ambassador of Canada in Cairo

With the participation of Women Members of Parliament and Community Leaders The Egyptian Feminist Union hosts a Public Meeting in Assiut

The Egyptian Feminist Union discusses the problems of Egyptian women At the Book Fair

Restorative Justice: How Law Protects Women?!

General Arab Women's Federation (GAWF) discusses violence against women during its General Conference

Egyptian Feminist Union concludes its project “culture and theater against discrimination” With the participation of university students and youth centers  

Education and health services are the main concern of women in seven governorates High divorce rate is the most serious gender problem

Mr Abo Elgate received the delegation from Arab women’s federation

More workers should consider starting side ventures to supplement their incomes and provide long-term stability

Women inmates: Lives without dignity in Thailand’s female prisons

EFU launchesthe “Don’tbeAfraid” Campaignand Organizes A TheatricalCompetitionto Combat Violence Against Women Cultureistheroadto development

A round table discussion on Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) of Egyptian women

Why Should Insurers Invest in Women? A Trillion-Dollar Question

Partnership between HEYA and the Egyptian Feminist Union (EFU)

Main issues that urge changing the personal status law

New opportunities for women artisans in Upper Egypt

Egyptian Feminist Union

The Egyptian women participated in 25th January Revolution and in demonstrations and sit-ins in various squares along with men. Yet, later steps and decisions by military council and the government prevent women from participating in these decisions systemically and in intended way. Women participated in some committees none seriously and in marginalized way.

Thus, the Alliance for Arab Women (AAW) consider the necessity of holding a wide national conference for the civil society to assure the women participation in the transaction period to achieve the revolution goals. This conference was held in 4th June in 2011 in conference hall in Nasr City and was attended by about 2500 of civil society representatives from all governorates.
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