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Main issues that urge changing the personal status law
Date of publication: 13/10/2015
Main issues that urge changing the personal status law

i. Based on a new study; the divorce cases in Egypt costs are around 7.750 Billion. The Egyptian Government bears this cost on:
a. Litigation fees
b. Salaries of Judges, public prosecution, legal experts, consultants, and other employees.
c. Security guards

ii. Divorce is considered the basic reason for the outbreak of the street children; which leads to dangerous effects on the community like addiction, trafficking, criminal acts, Etc…

iii. In case of the women asks for divorce due to being hurt, she is asked to prove it which is very difficult for her.

iv. The custody problems are:
a. The child custody is 15 years, which violates the child law.
b. The mother’s custody drops if she got married.
c. The father is the least priority in being the custodial.

v. The Alimony problems:
a. The person in charge for conducting the required investigations in alimony suits is a civil employee.
b. The investigations that are required to be submitted regarding the father's income should be validated by the court; in order to render a judgment with a suitable and a fair alimony.
c. The sentence for the non-payment of the alimony needs to be aggravated.
d. The Lawsuit takes more than 2 years in which the woman has no income especially poor women.

Sara Ghanem Programs Coordinatorin efu

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