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"EFU" praises Al-Sisi speech: historical speech expressed the will of the Egyptians
Date of publication: 25/09/2014
I commend the quality of women of Egypt, headed by Dr. Hoda Badran, on the speech of president Abdul Fattah Al-Sisi ,, which he delivered yesterday before the United Nations General Assembly, considering that the word historic courage, expressed the strength of the will of the Egyptians, and steadfastness and against all the challenges and plots and their insistence to overcome terrorism and defeat the terrorists, in confirmation of the independence of decision and will Egyptian state.

Dr. Hoda Badran, the secretary general of the Union, said that the civil society stands One Hand Behind the President, and that is the pride of all Egyptians, indicating that this speech before the United Nations General Assembly is a positive step toward support for Egypt's relations with the world outside, the restoration of international standing, adding that the visit will be reflected on the Arab region as a whole, and not Egypt only.

It is noteworthy that the General Federation of Women of Egypt includes in its membership 240 the Assembly behind the president in all the positions taken by, especially in the face of the terrorism.
Sara Ghanem Programs Coordinatorin efu

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