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The Egyptian Feminist Union Intensifies its Efforts to Finalize the Shadow Report Beijing +20
Date of publication: 28/12/2014
 The Egyptian Feminist Union intensifies its efforts to finalize the shadow report Beijing +20 which would follow the progress in the implementation of Beijing Platform for Action, which represents the most comprehensive global agreement on women empowerment and gender equality.

Within this context, the Commission on the preparation of the shadow report Beijing +20 meets today December 28th at the headquarters of the Egyptian Feminist Union in the presence of Dr.Hoda Badran, Chairman of the union, and members of the committee to review and discuss the final draft of the report after making some adjustments based on the final recommendations of the workshop held by the union with the members of the Committee in 8th- 9th of December to review the draft.
The Committee on the preparation of the shadow report Beijing +20, which was established by the Egyptian Feminist Union, consists of a number of Non-Governmental Women Rights Organizations, including: Nazra for Feminist Studies, New Woman Foundation, the Egyptian Association for Comprehensive Development, Future Eve, Egyptian Association for the Advancement of Community Participation, Center for Egyptian Women Legal Assistance CEWLA, the Egyptian Foundation for the Advancement of Childhood and other Organizations. Every Organization wrote one of twelve Critical Areas of Concern identified in the Beijing Platform for Action, which are: Education; Poverty; Violence; Armed conflicts; Human Rights; Health; Media; Economy; Girl Child, Environment; Decision making and Institutional Mechanisms. The shadow reports reviews the major achievements, obstacles and challenges of each area.

The shadow report Beijing +20 will be reviewed in parallel with the national report prepared by the government in March 2015 during the 59th session of the Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations, which is reviewing the progress achieved every five years in the implementation of the Beijing Platform for Action, which was adopted in 1995 during the fourth World Conference on Women.
This will be preceded by a national conference which will discuss the shadow report. During this conference, the three year plan of the member organizations of the Egyptian Feminist Union will be announced.
Sara Ghanem Programs Coordinatorin efu

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