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The Egyptian Feminist Union Continues the Selection Process of Female Candidates for the Upcoming Parliamentary Elections
Date of publication: 30/12/2014
Egypt’s democratic path requires a new parliament that represents all citizens including both women and men, with appropriate representation of women. Thus, and within the framework of "Women for Women" campaign that was launched by the Egyptian Feminist Union to support the achievement of this goal, the Egyptian Feminist Union held a meeting on Monday 29th of December to select a number of female candidates. The selection process is based on specific criteria developed by the Union which includes: The candidate must be active in social, political and public services works, The candidate must be familiar with the problems on the ground in her electoral district and should have proposals for solutions of these problems, The candidate must have a popular base and must be able to communicate with the people of her electoral district.

A discussion of these points was held during the meeting. The main aspects of the electoral program of each candidate was outlined. The meeting also carried out an evaluation of the level of the awareness of each candidate of the importance of the role of women in changing society and achieving social justice. The meeting outlined whether the candidate has run for a parliamentary or local councils elections before.

The meeting is followed by an evaluation process carried out by the Union, to ensure the selection of female candidates with highest level of efficiency, to help them running for the parliament elections battle.

"Women for Women" campaign aims to ensure the participation of female candidates in the upcoming parliament, and to encourage them to run for the parliament elections battle. The campaign also aims to create a fundraising force to fund the election campaigns of the selected candidates. This fund covers some of the costs of the campaign including: publications, transportation, and public meetings. Finally, the campaign aims to help women to use their right to vote through mobilizing millions of women to go to the election boxes, by using traditional and other modern technical means.
Sara Ghanem Programs Coordinatorin efu

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