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Mr Abo Elgate received the delegation from Arab women’s federation
Date of publication: 29/01/2017
Mr Abo Elgate received the delegation from Arab women’s federation

Mr Ahmed Aboelgat the general secretary of the Arab State received today morning a delegation from the Arab women’s federation (annexation)DrHodaBadran (the general Secretary) and Mrs.AmalEldegany and Dr. Sonya Abadeer (Expert at UNESCO) and Mr.EssamShaban (the official media officer of the Union ) and MrsLailyElalfy representing the Egyptian feminist Union.
From the League of Arab States attended The Ambassador EnasMekawy (director of women’s programs) as well as the Plenipotentiary minister Mr. Mahmoud Afyfy (the official spokesman for the general secretary for the Arab League)
During the meeting Badran quotes greeting from the representatives of women’s association then offered the recently activites of the Arab Union as well as the project which implemented by the union  abot economic empowerment and its relationship to education
During the meeting Badran called Mr. Abo Elgate to to deliver keynote speech at the annual conference of the Arab women ,s union which will be held by the end of the next February Mr. Abo Elgat  showed his willingness to participate at the conference while EnasMekawy said that the league of Arab States created a mechanism and a way to represent the civil society and open ways to joint cooperation
And she added the already the Arab League have cooperated with the Arab women’s union in issuing the shadow report which deal with the achievement and challenges facing the Arab women since conference1995 
Sara Ghanem Programs Coordinatorin efu

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