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General Arab Women's Federation (GAWF) discusses violence against women during its General Conference
Date of publication: 08/01/2018
During the preparations of its annual conference, the General Arab Women's Federation held a meeting with Plan International Foundation to discuss possible cooperation efforts. The meeting was between Ms. Omnia Abbas (Executive Director of the General Arab Women's Federation), Ms. Heba  Wanis (PLAN International - Inclusion and Gender Equality Advisor). They agreed to collaborate in holding a regional Conference in February 2018. During that conference, a panel discussion will be conducted on ways to reduce discrimination against Arab women in the light of the CEDAW agreement, a study developed by Dr. Fatima Khafagi. She is an expert on gender issues and she will discuss this subject matter during the Conference.
On the other hand, the General Arab Women's Federation, in cooperation with the UN Women's MENA Regional Office, is conducting a project entitled "Women Economic Empowerment and its relation to Basic Education". The project aims to study the variance in the degree of economic empowerment of women among the Arab countries, and its relation to the basic education system. The study will be presented during the conference as well.
In this context, Dr. Hoda Badran, the General Arab Women's Federation Secretary-general said: "The results of this study will be useful in building a model of the basic Arab education system, which contributes to women's access to better degree of Economic Empowerment. And the most important objective of this project is to develop a measurement of economic empowerment of Arab women that links the factors of the educational system and the factors of economic empowerment of women”.  The project is implemented in six Arab countries, namely Egypt, Bahrain, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Algeria"
It is worth mentioning that, the General Arab Women's Federation (GAWF) was established by the efforts of Egyptian women leaders in 1944; Hoda Shaarawi was the first secretary general of the federation. And then the federation was headed by a number of Arab women leaders, and Cairo was the Federation headquarters and then it moved to Baghdad, Iraq and from there to Yemen following the signing of the Camp David agreement. In 2014, the Federation returned to Cairo, Egypt as a consequence of electing Dr. Hoda Badran as Secretary General of the General Arab Women's Federation (GAWF). The Federation includes membership from 20 Arab countries representing Arab women federations and unions.
Sara Ghanem Programs Coordinatorin efu

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