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With the participation of Women Members of Parliament and Community Leaders The Egyptian Feminist Union hosts a Public Meeting in Assiut
Date of publication: 24/03/2018
With the participation of Women Members of Parliament and Community Leaders
The Egyptian Feminist Union hosts a Public Meeting in Assiut
     The Egyptian Feminist Union, in cooperation with the Women’s health improvement Association, held a public meeting at the Assiut Palace of Culture. The meeting was held with the participation of two members of parliament’; MP Dr. Elizabeth Shaker and MP Soheir El Hady, in addition to representatives from the ministry of social solidarity, the ministry of health, and a number of women community and civil society leaders.
      The Meeting had the theme of “Political participation and Women’s Issues”. The meeting discussed how political participation can be used as a tool for solving actual community problems. Among the topics discussed in the meeting were; the problems in the personal status law, education, care for persons with disability, and the role of civil society and parliament in addressing women’s issues.
     The public meeting opened with a statement from Abla Bakry chairwoman of the Assiut division of the women’s health improvement association. In her statement Bakry congratulated women on the coming international women’s day and added that “The achievements of the Egyptian women are historic, particularly their role in the political movement, at the front lines of the January revolution”  
    Amal Salama added in her statement that the goals of the public meeting was to raise awareness on the importance of political participation for women, and to have women community leaders discuss the problems  of their community with the present members of parliament so that they can work on legislative solutions.
    Dr. Asmaa Abdelrahman, member of the national council for women and Arabic literature lecturer at the University of Assiut, discussed the problems that result from children leaving education which can range from child marriages to social economic and psychological issues. She also pointed to the presence of 460 areas within the governorate that lack girls’ secondary schools.
    MP Soheir El Hady presented the new law for people with disabilities and the benefits that this law will provide. The law will enable persons with disabilities to attend all university faculties subject to their grades and abilities. Previously people with disabilities could only study at the faculty of literature. El Hady also emphasized that the law incentivizes private sector businesses to hire persons with disabilities, as businesses that hire 5% of their staff from those with disabilities will receive tax cuts.
     On the other hand, MP Dr. Elizabeth Shaker discussed the draft law on “El Gharemat” or female debtors, a societal issue that has been increasing recently. Shaker stated that the draft law would remove prison time for the debtors and instead provide them with job opportunities that allow them to pay off their debts. This allows the women to avoid both prison time and the lasting social stigma of having been imprisoned. Shaker further stressed that saving one debtor is equivalent to saving one family.
      Shaker also clarified that anyone who has become unable to payback their debts due to desperate conditions using official or unofficial borrowing tools is a debtor, provided that they judged by a court to have been acting in good faith, and will be subject to the draft law.
     It is worth mentioning that the Egyptian feminist Union has conducted several meetings in various governorates in fulfillment of the objectives of the “supporting Egyptian Women leaders” which is being implemented by 27 nongovernmental organizations across seven governorates.
       The project aims to connect voters to their women members of parliament by’ identify the community needs in each governorate, and help local women community leaders articulate these needs and present them to their MPs. Further the Egyptian feminist Union aims to facilitate the work of the members of parliament by providing relevant
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